Melissa Rudolf, LMHCA

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I have been practicing marriage and family therapy for almost a decade and am truly passionate about the work I do. I have gathered a team of the best therapists around, and if you'll let us, we would love to explore how to use our expertise and your experience to make lasting and powerful change.

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Melissa Rudolf, LMHCA


Growing up, Melissa didn’t have anybody safe to talk to. This experience is what drove her to become that person for other people. In order to do this to the greatest effectiveness possible, Melissa decided to get her Bachelors of Art in Psychology - with a Theater Arts minor - from the University of California Santa Cruz. She then went on to achieve a Masters in Psychology with an Existential-Phenomenological Focus from Seattle University.

Melissa’s time as a therapist helped her recognize the significant impact of trauma on adults, children, and families. Her passion became supporting parents, children, and families in their healing process which most often extends long before present struggles and can have long lasting effects on future generations. Melissa aims to give insight into her clients’ own struggles to heal the inter-generational trauma which can in turn heal future generations. In line with Systemic Therapy, Melissa looks at more than just the individual, but also their family, community, and larger societal values. The use, or perhaps misuse, of power, privilege, and inequity within these relationships has great impacts on the people she has sat with in a therapy room. But Melissa believes that it stops with you.

Humans are relational beings and Melissa believes that our conceptions of ourselves are formed through relationships with other people in our lives and society at large. Her desire for people not to feel isolated, alone, and misunderstood found encouragement in her experience practicing Group Therapy. Group Therapy is a safe format for clients to connect to others, explore themselves, and recognize the patterns in the other relationships in their lives. With the help of others, we can stop these patterns, these cycles, and forge a new way of living for ourselves. 

As a therapist, Melissa wants to serve the whole person, and to her that means being a strong advocate in their lives. It can be challenging to get connected to resources and to know what resources are out there, particularly when the struggles of everyday life are so heavy. Whether finding her clients gender affirming care, financial aid, school support, or getting other basic needs met, Melissa wants to empower her clients and help them live the life they’ve envisioned for themselves. 

Credentials & Training

  • BA in Psychology, Univeristy of California Santa Cruz, 2015
  • MA in Psychology, Seattle University, 2018
  • Additional training in: Blood Born Pathogens, Diversity, Suicide Prevention, Sex Trafficking, LQBTQ, Technology and Depression


  • Premera
  • Self-Pay
  • Others coming soon... 

Melissa helps clients facing many challenges.

  • Individual Counseling
  • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Telehealth Sessions

Melissa Rudolf is a licensed mental health counseling associate under the supervision of Dr. Laura Wallace at Twin Lakes Counseling. Her hourly rate is $120/hour.

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