Is This Your Season of Healing?
Written by: Amanda Romero, LMHCA

September 30, 2022

Have you ever noticed that in the Autumn it just feels as though you breathe deeper? Or perhaps... maybe the changing weather and darker days are just not your jam? Why do so many people love different seasons and alternatively why do so many people hate different seasons? 

As the days are already getting shorter, the air is getting more crisp, and some of the leaves have already started to turn their colors, you might have noticed a change within yourself. Autumn is a time of balance, as we quite literally experience 12 hours of daytime and 12 hours of the night. This is the time of year that calls to us to slow down, reflect, and renew. 

In this article I'll explain what seasonal alignment can look like, how to figure out which seasons are easier or harder for you to navigate, and how to make this your season of healing. So grab a hut cuppa of something delicious and get cozy while we explore this together. 

What is Seasonal Alignment?

I believe that we all have seasons of healing and seasons that may be harder for us to be in alignment with ourselves. An annual rhythm of speeding up and slowing down. For some, slowing down can be as refreshing as a gentle cool breeze on your skin. For others, this slowed time can be irritating, exhaustin, or even depressing. 

Summer and Winter are very social seasons; we all try to cram in as many plans as we can and find ourselves surrounded by friends and family all throughout this time. For the extroverted community, those plans and social events can be recharging and make them feel loved and happy. For the introverted community, however, summer and winter can actually feel exhausting and emotionally harsh due to feeling the need to be more social and fighting with FOMO (fear of missing out).

Spring and Autumn, due to less American holidays, rainy and chilly weather, and less social events and reasons that bring people together is a time that is socially slower. Because of this slower paced time, many people are able to take a step back and reflect. They reassess their lives. Am I living a life that makes me happy? Am I focusing only on what really matters to me? Do I use my free time to build the life I want, or am I using that time to escape a life I don't want? Just like the seasons, in Spring and Autumn we let go of the things that no longer serve us and bring in the new, which is why people normally do Spring and Autumn cleaning.

There are also other external factors to keep in mind, such as seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, this can also affect our moods and health. You might be reading along thinking, yes I relate to this slowing down time and feeling good, but at the same time I don't feel good. Perhaps as your eyes are itching or your nose is running you may feel relief that you have more free time, but you also are feeling somewhat depressed. Have you ever thought, "I should be happy right now, so why am I not happy?" It might be allergies and inflammation, which is something you can discuss with your primary care physician and counselor.

Is this your season of healing?

Place your hand over your heart and take a deep breath, filling all of your lungs, even the smallest corners. Take another deep breath and ask yourself do I feel good as things begin to slow down? Do I feel as though I can or do have a handle on my life? Or does this slow down feel boring, stuck, and/or lonely?

For the introverted community, this can be such a healing time if used with intention. Dive deeper into who you are and what gives your life purpose. I believe this can also be a healing time for the extroverted community as well, to catch up on life admin, and also focus on what really matters. 

By nature, I believe that Spring and Fall are more attuned to the introverted community for that period of slowness and less socializing. Which would mean that naturally, Winter and the Summer are more in alignment with the extroverted community. But just because one season may be more in alignent with one personality type than the other, does not mean that you cannot heal in all seasons.

So how do I make this my season of healing?

For the introverted community, just having awareness of your need to slow down, recharge, and reflect can abe a huge force for change. When you go to make plans, ask yourself if you truly have the time and energy to follow through and if doing that thing will make you feel happier. Live intentionally and slow down with the season, listen to your body's needs, rest, and spend some time reflecting inwards.

For the extroverted community, use this time to reflect on what really matters to you. Is it family, friends, a special hobby, a certain place that calls to you, loving yourself more? Whatever you find brings you joy, do more of that. What makes you feel loved and excited? Surround yourself with that more often. What makes you feel vibrantly alive?

Regardless of who you are and what recharges you, this can be your season of healing. The key to that is asking yourself and your body, what do I need more of? More time alone? More time with friends? More time in nature? More time building the life I want? If you can start to find the answers to those questions, while keeping awareness of your needs throughout the ebbs and flows of the seasons, then you will be well on your path to using this season for healing :)


This blog was written by Amanda Romero, LMHCA

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