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Compassionate counseling from a Christian perspective

Christian Counseling and Secular counseling share in their aim to provide healing, meaning, and real hope to your life and your experiences, both positive and negative. The difference is that for the Christian, our healing, meaning, and hope is ultimately found in Jesus. Of course that is easier said than understood. And that is where we can help.

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First of all, here at TLC, Christian Counseling is not a guilt trip. Our therapists are not here to tell you that you need more faith and then throw a bunch of Bible verses at you that tell you what to do, what not to do, and how you are misbehaving. 

Christianity to us is not about living the perfect life, it is about the perfect life that has already been lived for us...

and what that means for each of us in our lives. What would it look like to live in light of the forgiveness, freedom, and redemption that exists for each of us, all the time, and every time?

Understanding who Jesus is and what He has done for us is the first step in understanding who we are and what is possible for us and - by extension - our marriages, our relationships, our illnesses, our struggles, and every other aspect of our life. But this understanding takes time and we all need help and encouragement.

In any therapy, there often comes a time to practice forgiveness and reconciliation. The difference with Christian counseling is that we, as Christians, draw on the ultimate example of forgiveness and reconciliation at the Cross. Understanding that is not easy and when understanding is lacking, applying it to our lives is nearly impossible. But if we are brave enough to start the journey to discover what forgiveness and reconciliation look like and mean for us, then we can be empowered to forgive and be reconciled with those who have wronged us. 

Will there be prayer? If you would like it! Will there be Bible reading? If the client requests! These are tangible gifts from God that we are happy to use and apply!

At Twin Lakes Counseling, we’re proud to offer Christian counseling services to clients in Auburn, Federal Way, Puyallup, Kent, and Tacoma. If you’re interested in working with a Christian therapist through faith-based online therapy options, please visit our Online Therapy page for more information.

Change is possible. Our team is invested in the continual and lasting growth of our clients, providing meaningful support that empowers you to write your own story.

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Christian Counseling

We work with clients to provide tools allowing you to align your life with the spiritual principles that are important to you.

Christian Counseling for Depression and Anxiety

What would it feel like to end the isolation of depression and/or anxiety? What would your life look like if you could renew your relationships with other Christians and with God?

Depression and anxiety disorders can be especially difficult for Christians. People of faith may fear that their difficulties have come as a result of not living a sufficiently Christian life, or not trusting God enough. Maybe you have wondered why prayer doesn’t make your struggles disappear.

But faith doesn’t shelter you from the pain of life. Instead it exists to provide strength and wisdom when coping with that pain.

Our Christian-based counseling services help you to look at the pain of life through your perspective as a believer, helping you understand Biblical principles, and giving you a safe place to wrestle with the more confusing and complicated aspects of your experience.

Working through depression or anxiety is not an easy process. That is okay. Nothing in the Bible promises an easy life. There aren’t any shortcuts to growth. Our therapists partner with you during the challenging journey toward fulfillment and joy.

Christian Couples Counseling

What are the burdens and pains you carry with you in your marriage? What would it look like if you could find healing where you are wounded?

As Christians, we care deeply about our relationships, with God and with each other. However, that does not mean that relationships will always be easy for Christians. Maybe you’ve found yourself looking at your partner with expectations that aren’t being met. Maybe you’ve resisted standing up for your own needs, waiting for God to provide.

But in our hearts, we know that relationships are far more complicated than “believe in God and it will work out”. Relationships are God’s way of teaching us about brokenness and connection, and about how to remember and cherish our own worth. Each relationship in our lives offers us an opportunity for growth.

If you could find forgiveness in your relationship, how would that change your life?

Christian marriage counseling can be a beautiful way to repair past wounds, allowing God’s love to shine into your most painful places. Working with a Christian marriage counselor who can help you apply biblical principles to your relationship can be helpful in allowing you to build a deeper connection with your partner.

Christian Family Therapy and Christian Parenting

What does a healthy relationship with your children look like? If you could have an honest conversation with your family members, what would they tell you?

Christian family counseling is about building a lasting relationship with your children, learning how to hear them and how to value the people God has created them to be.

At the same time, it can be difficult to maintain your own boundaries and identity as a parent while valuing the person God has created you to be. Our Christian family therapists work with you through the challenging process of applying biblical principles to parenting.

We all make mistakes as parents. But the good news is that the mistakes we make in relationships can be fixed.

Through time and work, what has been broken can almost always be healed. At Twin Lakes Counseling, we provide a safe place for Christian families to rebuild the bonds that connect them and our Christian counseling for children also gives your kids a partner and advocate to help them sort through confusing emotions and experiences.

Change is possible. Our team is invested in our clients' continual and lasting growth, providing meaningful support that empowers you to write your own story.

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