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Are you beginning to wonder if there’s more going on in your teen's life than you realize? If you could have an honest discussion, what would they tell you?

Teens can suffer from depression, self-harm, bullying, thoughts of suicide, loneliness and isolation, poor grades, substance abuse, and violence. Due to their still developing brains and the physical and emotional changes taking place, teens are often more susceptible than ever to these struggles. In these challenging years, healthy communication is vital.

Our therapists’ goal is to help adolescents communicate better with their parents and to help parents communicate better with their kids.

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Is this a phase or is this a problem?

During adolescents, your teen going through a phase in which they begin to figure out or adopt a sense of identity, individualism, and independence. This can be very confusing to go through, but also to watch as you see your child behaving differently sometimes every day. They are experiementing, testing limits, and pushing boundarie to discover who they are, who they want to be, and where they fit into this world. This is normal. But there is a difference between bushing boundaries and causing problems. Once bushing boundaries becomes unsafe, harmful, or distructive, there most likely is a problem and therapy can absolutely help. 

Specific events can certainly send a teen searching for answers that may be too difficult for them to find on their own. The death of a loved on, living in poverty, or moving to a new school looks and feels very different to our growing kids. This can be a source of great miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Our children experience the same feelings we do, but often have a uniquely difficult time processing and communicating them because they are still developing. 

As much as we try to be there for them, sometimes our own circumstances cloud our mind and make it difficult to understand and communicate with our teens. Our therapists are very skilled in reading between the lines and helping all parties learn to communicate better. With improved understanding and communication, loving relationships can exist. 

Change is possible. Our team is invested in the continual and lasting growth of our clients, providing meaningful support that empowers you to write your own story.

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What will therapy be like?

Once we have received your information through the "Let's Begin" link, our Client Care Coordinator will match you with a therapist and you will be contacted to make your first appointment for your teen. These appointments can go many different ways but will most likely include a series of one-on-one sessions with your teen, possibly with yourself as the parent, and quite possibly with both of you. 

Our reception area is very warm and inviting with tea, coffee, and water available for you. Your therapist will greet you, or your teen, and welcome you back to a private room with, of course, couches! Pick a comfortable spot and, for the first session, focus on getting to know your therapist and allowing your therapist to get to know you. For subsequent sessions, feel free to lead the discussion if you have specific topics you'd like to discuss, or allow your therapist to guide you in a direction they feel would be beneficial. Beyond that, the sessions will be quite catered to your teen and your family.

Is therapy right for my teen?

Their brains are still developing which means they are particularly susceptible to depression and anxiety, but also particularly receptive to therapy.

Psychotherapy helps children and adolescents in a variety of ways. They receive emotional support, resolve conflicts with people, understand feelings and problems, and try out new solutions to old problems. Goals for therapy may be specific (change in behavior, improved relations with friends or family), or more general (less anxiety, better self-esteem). The length of psychotherapy depends on the complexity and severity of problems.

Change is possible. Our team is invested in the continual and lasting growth of our clients, providing meaningful support that empowers you to write your own story.

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