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Imagine your medical dream team. What does it look like and how would it operate?

At Twin Lakes Counseling, we believe in a holistic approach to our mental well-being. This is why we are so happy to have an in-house Medication Management team who is there to integrate with you and your therapist in determining if and what specific medication may be best for you. And just as with your therapy, your medication treatment should reflect your needs, your lifestyle, your goals, and your concerns. And that takes more than just a 15 minute appointment with a doctor. 

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What if you weren't a problem to be medicated but a person to be cared for?

Often times, a doctor's office makes you feel like a problem, sometimes even a nusance. But behind your symptoms is a human, a life, composed of past experiences, future goals, current struggles, and a desire for improved quality of life. At Twin Lakes Counseling, we see all of that. We see you as the whole person you are and desire to be again. We take everything into account when formulating a treatment plan. 

What is Medication Management? This is a treatment system executed by your team of medical experts to ensure that you receive optimal therapeutic outcomes for the prescription medications that you may be taking. 

What does Medication Management look like? Sometimes talk therapy is enough to bring about resolution in our life. But sometimes we find medication to be helpful along the journey. During the course of your sessions, your therapist will have access to our Medication Managment team to help inform them whether or not this could be a good option for you. If so, a discussion will be had with you about what those options could look like. If you feel comfortable with it, a more indepth conversation will be had between you, the Medication Management team, and your therapist should you choose, to go over your life-specific circumstances, future goals, and any concerns you have. A short and long-term plan will be created and as soon as you feel you have a good understanding of it, you can sign off on it and begin your new path towards healing with your team along side you ever step of the way.

Your body works synergistally as a team of experts, so should your mental health and medication professionals. Too often we get prescribed medication based on factors having more to do with "statistics" and "success rates" rather than our lifestyle, goals, and concerns even those these will be the very things affected by what medication we take.  Knowledge of the patient should dictate what prescription you decide on, not statistics. This leads to what is called inappropriate medication use which results in medication-related problems to be beared by the patient alone. At Twin Lakes Counseling, having a Medication Management team eliminates the reasons why this term even exists. 

Benefits to having a Medication Management Team:

  • Empowering the patient. You are the focus of this treatment plan so you should feel a sense of ownership to it. That means understanding it. All along they way, you will play a key role in determining your treatment plan. You won't have to make an uninformed decision just because a doctor cannot spend the necessary time explaining your options to you. 
  • Provides increased value. The results of having the brain power of both a mental health professional and a medication expert working synergistically on your behalf will provide safer, more appropriate, and more effective use of medications. 
  • A comprehensive plan. Between you, your therapist, and your medication management team, both short and long term treatment plans can be formulated and set in motion. But you won't be left alone after that with the responsibility of monitoring everything yourself. You are part of a team now, a team of experts, who will all have things they are looking for to help you determine if the treatment is working, is sustainable, or needs to be altered. 

Change is possible. Our team is invested in the continual and lasting growth of our clients, providing meaningful support that empowers you to write your own story.

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Change is possible. Our team is invested in our clients' continual and lasting growth, providing meaningful support that empowers you to write your own story.

Call 253-289-6099 or Contact Us Online

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