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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a systemic, relationally-focused counseling strategy that can be used with one more multiple people in the room.

Adolescent Therapy

During this critical period of development for the brain, adolescents are more susceptible to depression and risky behaviors but are also particularly open to the positive influences of different types of therapies. 

Depression and Anxiety

So many of us suffer from continuously worrying about the future or are consumed by events of the past. Either case can result in an inability to live in the present moment. 

Family Therapy and Parenting

This therapy helps guide towards more positive and constructive interactions through the exploration of behavioral patterns and by seeking relational healing.

Children and Play Therapy

Whether it's a phase or a possible problem, we are here to help your children naviage the complexities of their own life through therapy tailored for them and their way of communicating. 

Medication Management Team

In some cases, in addition to talk therapy, medication is useful to establish some consistency or to help manage some symptoms so that room can be made to do the work of therapy. But at TLC, you will never be alone or left in the dark when it comes to possible medication.  

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

This individual form of therapy is focused, evidence-based approach to treating mood disorders that stem from all sorts of life stressors such as unfulfilling relationships, grief, eating disorders, addiction, bipolar disorders, and more.

Premarital or Marriage Enrichment

This therapy focuses on a couple's communication and interaction. Research shows that talking through the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment with one of our Certified Facilitator prior to marriage reduces your risk of divorce by 30%.

Couples Counseling

Improving communication between couples and learning more about each other so that interactions can be more informed and serve to grow the relationship. 

Trauma and PTSD

When we go through trauma or suffer with PTSD, it feels like something is haunting us. Often we feel it's not in our control. We want to help you find the understanding and freedom to live a full and unshackled life. 

Grief counseling

Grief is our reaction to the loss of something--anything--but does not always look as we would expect. This is why seeking help can be so useful. 

Christian Counseling

Here we combine faith and the principles of psychology to help improve your mental health and heal relationships. 

Online Therapy

Our online video system, offered through Simple Practice, allows you to use your computer, pad, or smartphone in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner so your privacy is protected.

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NOTE: TLC offers faith-based therapy with select therapists.

Above you read about a non-exhaustive list of therapies we here at Twin Lakes have to offer. Below are what we call modalities, or techniques, we use to conduct those therapies. In case you have been given recommendations or have had good experiences with certain modalities in the past and want to continue with them, here are some that we use. 

ModaLITIES and Techniques

Art Therapy

The use of things such as drawing, painting, or sculpting can help with the expression and examination of your psychologcal and emotional state. 

Attachment-Based Therapy (ABT)

Often our struggles to build healthy relationships as adults has been informed by our attachment experiences growing up which can be examined and rebuilt through ABT. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Based on the idea that how we thin and feel affects the way we behave, this problem-solving form of psychotherapy aims to change how we think in order to change our response to certain situations.

Culturally Sensitive Therapy

The background, ethnicity, and belief system is crucial for a therapist to understand in oneself and in another person to accomodate for differences in opinions and mutual growth. 

Experiential Therapy

Sometimes, in order to reimagine your future you must reimagine your past. This can be done through the use of recreational activities such as role-playing, music, animal care, or guided imagery to help release and explore negative feelings that may have been blocked.

Family Systems Therapy

With this therapy we focus on the family as a unit and how the members work together and affect one another. 

Integrative Therapy

Rather than using any one singular form of psychotherapy, it can be useful to tailor the treatment of a client by combining certain elements from different schools of psychological theory and research.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

When we have been hurt, we protect that part of ourselves from being hurt again. IFS aims to heal that wound and restore balance.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy

This targeted form of therapy is often used to treat mood disorders and provides evidence-based strategies to resolve problems within relationships, grief, life-transitions, or social functioning. 

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Mindfulness practices -- meditation, breathing exercises, etc -- are often useful tools to help break patterns that have caused downware spirals of mood, often leading to depression. 

Multicultural Therapy

There is no denying that certain issues more often plague certain groups of people which is the focus of this therapy as it tends to be more individualistic.

Narrative Therapy

We are not our problems. This therapy helps to separate peope from problems to improve perspective and increase a feeling of empowerment.

Play Therapy

Most usually associated with children, though not exclusively, this therapy has been found incredibly useful in discovering and sorting through emotions as it provides a safe place to express.

Strengths-Based Therapy

With the use of this type of positive psychotherapy and counseling, internal strengths are identified and cultivated to improve resilience and change perspectives.

Trauma-Focused CBT

Some of us have very specific emotional and mental health needs due to certain past experiences which is what this therapy aims to address as the therapist sensitively leads the client in an effort to overcome the destructive effects ot the trauma.

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