About Twin Lakes Counseling

Our Anti-Racist Stance

Twin Lakes Counseling stands against white supremacy, police brutality, inequity, and all forms of oppression and intimidation. We are a business shaped by the principles of shared responsibility and social justice. 

We work to realize these convictions in the following ways:

  • By accepting many of the insurances represented in our local community, including Medicaid, which promotes access to care
  • By being physically accessible to the community served and expanding access to services through reliable telehealth services
  • By offering paid clinicians a flat fee to see clients, which promotes quality of care across income levels 
  • By providing resources devoted to developing shared goals, teamwork, and sharing skills and knowledge (i.e., a mentoring model)
  • By actively seeking out and celebrating inclusion of diverse voices in our clinical team and leadership
  • By recognizing a diversity of work styles with active reflection about balancing what gets done and how it gets done

Our Mission

Twin Lakes Counseling exists to make transformative therapy accessible to individuals and families in the Federal Way community and to all of Washington State. We are an organization committed to principles of anti-racism, inclusion, and social justice.

Our Vision

Our vision of success is when every person in Federal Way has access to a therapist. To that end, we work to create a sustainable business and culture in which every individual, couple, and family is able to receive excellent and affordable mental health care.

Our Values

Our values inform everything we do, from developing policy, to clinical supervision, to leadership development, to providing client care.

  1. Compassion
  2. Courage
  3. Collaboration
  4. Continuity of Care


Our Committment

Twin Lakes Counseling commits to be a place in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. We expect all relationships among persons in the office to be professional, respectful, and free of explicit bias, prejudice, and harassment.

Defining Our Values


Compassion as a core value means accepting each individual's implicit value, recognizing we are all linked through mutual humanity, and caring enough to act in ways that reduce suffering.


Courage as a core value means that we preference authenticity, integrity, and dissent over the easier paths of conformity, simplicity, and avoidance.


We expect all members of our organization to honor all voices through respectful dialogue and systemic attunement, approaching communication with respect of self and curiosity of others' stance.

Continuity of Care

In healthcare, this core value means prioritizing client relationships above personal gain and offering the highest quality of sustainable care to every client.

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